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Here you can find a list of publishable project dissemination items:

UPSIDE’s project poster as presented during the EIC Summit 2022

UPSIDE’ s project one slide intro as presented during the EIC Summit 2022

UPSIDE’s  open access publication about LIFU as an emerging method for treating major depressive disorder.

UPSIDE’s open access publication about the complexity of neuronal networks of depression & Epidural-focused ultrasound as a promising therapy

UPSIDE’s open access publication discusses the opportunities surrounding low-intensity focused ultrasound in the treatment of major depressive disorder in minimally invasive manner

Power and area efficient on-chip feature extraction is needed for future closed-loop neural interfaces. This paper presents a feature extraction unit for neural oscillatory synchrony that bypasses the phase extraction step to reduce hardware complexity. 

UPSIDE’s open access publication puts in perspective the Neural Interfaces as a review article that covers all the main parts, explains their functionality, and promotes new ideas and a solution-centric way of thinking.

UPSIDE’s introductory leaflet from our team available for project’s dissemination purposes.

UPSIDE’s brand new Newsletter is out that summarizes our Year 1 progresses so far.

UPSIDE open access publication explores the potential of neuroimaging techniques, specifically non-invasive electroencephalography (EEG), in detecting biomarkers for depression.

UPSIDE’s brand new Newsletter is out and summarizes our progress so far in Year 2.