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Deliverable Reports

Below you can find all available deliverable reports prepared so far within UPSIDE project. This section will be updated during the duration of the project when results are becoming available. 

D6.1Project Handbookdownload
D7.2Data Management Plan V1download
D7.3Plan for dissemination, communication and exploitationdownload
D1.4CMOS recording interface with ~64 channels for EEG recording and passive MEAsdownload
D2.1In vivo LFP detection with conformable passive MEAdownload
D3.1Prototype of relay stationdownload
D4.1eFUS chip implantation protocol and preliminary FUS stimulation parametersdownload
D4.2Coming August 2024
D4.3Coming November 2024
D2.3Coming February 2025
D3.3Coming February 2025
D7.4Coming February 2025
D4.4Coming April 2025
D3.4Coming August 2025
D7.5Coming February 2026
D4.5Coming April 2026
D4.6Coming August 2026
D5.2Coming August 2026
D7.5Coming August 2026

Executive Summaries

D1.1Microfabrication flowchart for air-backed interconnectionsdownload
D8.1PR1 Report on porfolio activitiesdownload
D1.2Report Power Management Unitdownload
D1.3CMOS interface for ~1024 piezoelectric transducersdownload
D8.2Coming February 2025
D5.1Coming August 2025
D8.3Coming August 2026