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UPSIDE lunch presentations keep going!

Great news! We’re thrilled to announce that our lunch presentations on the UPSIDE project keep going on. We’ve had some fantastic sessions so far, with each one building upon the last to deepen our understanding and push our research forward. Here’s a quick recap of the presentations made to date:

  1. Ultrasound neuromodulation chips: We kicked off with an introduction to ultrasound neuromodulation chips, outlining the on-going works and research to date from TU Delft

  2. Organic bioelectronics: In our second session, we delved into the existing research and recap of the on going experiments and lab work in the field from our partner University of Ghent

  3. Neurobiology – depression: We discussed the advantages of the fiber photometry method that the University of Freiburg team is using for the circuitry involved in Major Depression Disorder and results so far.

  4. Ultrasound transducers: We have learned more about ultrasound transducers on CMOS circuits utilized for ultrasound brain neuromodulations and the on-going research works from TU Delft

Get ready for more engaging presentations as we keep the momentum going. Each session takes us one step closer to our research goals. Stay tuned for upcoming topics! 

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